The Sacred Antinous - Erotically-charged, Explicitly Illustrated, Queer-Themed Historical Fiction about Antinous and Hadrian
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  ~Psalms Introduction
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  ~A Quiver of the Flesh
  ~Always, Where Pleasures Be Gifted or Ta'en
  ~Antinous of the Earth
  ~As the Lions Do
  ~Find a Quiet and Solitary Place
  ~For Here am I by Antinous Healed
  ~For If By Its Oblivious Violence
  ~Guide Him to Stand as a Nude Before You
  ~If From Thy Reluctant, Unlucky Mouth
  ~If You Would Enter Him, Steal A Moment
  ~In Praise of Sculptors Before the Idol
  ~In What Light Shall He Be Comprehended?
  ~Let Boyish Passion Take Thy Hand and Lead
  ~Let Thy Lovemaking Be As Thy Worship
  ~Lo, When Grand Release is the Only Aim
  ~Now Begins a Bold Interrogation
  ~O, What a Torrent of Spectacle We Are
  ~On the Beach
  ~Onto His Nipple Deliver Your Mouth
  ~Such a Flesh
  ~Suckle Upon His Neck
  ~There is a Certain Way of Touching Flesh
  ~This Jaw in My Fingers
  ~Through Me
  ~To Mock the Purists in their Rabidity
  ~To Suffer is to Slip Unnoticed
  ~What's Ancient is a Far Future
  ~What Ancient Hoards the Earth Holds Buried Still!
  ~When He Doth Kneel Before You
  ~When His Flesh Wants

Antinous of the Earth

I. Carbon; Post-Coital

When Antinous into me, and I
Into the air our joys have exploded,
He settles beside me like the sediment
Of happy, undersea geologies,
And I, now a rich, primordial soup
With proteins of His proto-life seeded,
Begin to bubble… oxygenating.

Antinous stills: His body to clay
Thickens and compresses the bedrock.
Deep inside Him, warm pressures of pleasure
Congeal His blood to some combustible
Carbon, brewing a vast and future store
Of carnal power for my thirsty heart.

Can such ecstasy forever endure?
How long shall I, ‘midst the languid riches
Of His flesh, enjoy such fat consumption?
My lips whisper, “I fear to lose you,”
But there is no response from He who sleeps
Like a child: sweaty, smirking, and soundly.

II. Rapture

When Antinous to the day returns;
When thought on His consciousness alights
And the Singular flash of awareness
Zaps to His synaptic mind a white poem
Of majestic, cosmological scope,
He rises from our bed and vanishes.

III. Coital; Post-Carbon

I weep as would a weary Emperor
For the women whose warriors lie dead.

I wail as every age of History
At the cruelty of its marching victors.

I fall to rotting kneecaps; I crumple
Like a sack of swords and axles, rusted.

“How shall I live, Love, who now has lost you?”

And lo, there urges upon me a Voice;
The gush of a river’s melting rapid
Thunders dead and playful over my ear:
“I am become the living Universe.
There burns in me a blue star to fuel thy fire,
The wind from my lungs shall churn thy millstone,
And this, my Word, shall nightly keep you warm.
Cease, therefore, thy pale and bootless lament:
No more now of my blood do you require.”

And there is revealed to me a Wisdom;
The lucid slip of certainty races
Prim and nimbly, glist’ning upon my mind.
Arises Antinous Invictus,
And fuses me the conduit to His code.
I suddenly see as a Favourite
Whose mortal sights immortal visions made,
And coursing now as One, the signs appear:
The ancient roads of Rome arrived us here.

Note: Reflections on the creation of this Psalm can be found in the blog.

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